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About is a network of open-source sysadmins and devops professionals, spread around the world, which in some way or another, have inter-changed knowledge among each other, and wish to do the same for the rest of the community, by sharing ideas, approaches, problems, solutions and opinions off this huge boiler plate which is the open-source. is devoted to:

  • Maintain quality and original content, created by members of this network.
  • Compile best practices and tools, in the spirit of Open-Source, while keeping it unbiased (ex: no debian VS redhat or vim VS emacs wars): any way to work or accomplish something is valid, we are here to document this.
  • Welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the project, by accepting content which will be reviewed and posted if they follow the project spirit. New members are entitled to receive a free email (hosted with google apps, limited free accounts), after submitting a few times quality content.
  • Expand networking of it’s members and users, so in times of need, members can help each other out.


Most of the initial members of this project, come from Portugal, and most of them are living and working some other place in the world. Currently we have members in:

  • Portugal
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Mozambique

Even though both the original members are portuguese, and TLD is .pt, this space is open to anyone who wish to contribute, no matter which nationality, religion, gender, sexuality or music taste, provided they are willing to write in english (to keep a broader audience).